I have participated in  many conferences in Addis Ababa, both as an English to French and as a French to English interpreter – I consider English and French to both be mother tongues (or A languages) as I grew up in France after spending my first years in the UK. I also speak Spanish, which would be a C language for me.

I have interpreted in Addis Ababa both in simultaneous conference interpreting booths and as a consecutive interpreter in smaller meetings and workshops. I have worked with a long list of organisations in Ethiopia and abroad (AU, COMESA, ECA, French Embassy in Ethiopia, World Economic Forum, IGAD, International Red Cross, GCSP, ITP).

I also speak fluent Amharic  and basic Oromo – at least enough to ask for water for my horse when I get lost in the highlands! ( In a previous incarnation, I ran horse treks in Ethiopia). I do not do simultaneous conference Amharic interpretation, but do speak the language well enough to communicate fluently, for example in assisting field based interviews, or when doing site visits in Ethiopia.

So you can hire me as an English-French-Spanish interpreter and I will also be able to assist you during site visits or meetings, by asking questions or clarifying points for you that were made in Amharic.

I have a very good understanding of cultural mores in Ethiopia – an essential part of communication that often gets lost in translation – and can also assist in ensuring that your message and ideas are getting across accurately – and not just the words.

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